Spring Break: 3D Printing - Theme Park Tycoon Camps

Main Campus - Route 108 Apr 13, 2022     09:00 AM - 04:00 PM Wed Class schedule

8980 Old Annapolis Road Suites E/F , Columbia, MD   21045

Have you ever went to a theme park? In this module camper will get to visit a virtual theme park by creating 3D imaging of theme park favorites. By creating these 3D theme park favorites ,students get a glimpse of 3D modeling and printing and it’s functionality.

During the school year, the following forms are required to participate in programs at Idea Lab Kids. As an alternative, you may provide a copy of your child's health forms submitted to their school, or submitted to a different child care center. Please use these forms as your guide - 

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Jr - half



Add-On Classes:

    Aftercare - spring break camps

  • Class Name: Aftercare - spring break camps ( Tuition: $14.00 )
  • Dates (Apr 11, 2022 - Apr 18, 2022)
  • Time (04:00 PM-06:30 PM)

    Category - Apparel

  • Child Face Mask (green and white) ($5.00)
  • Branded wristband (white) ($1.00)
  • Adult Branded Face Mask (orange) ($5.00)

    Category - Gift Card

  • Gift Card ($5) ($5.00)
  • Gift Card ($25) ($25.00)
  • Gift Card ($50) ($50.00)