TUESDAY The Wide World of Science @ Thales Academy After School Age 5 - 11

Thales Academy Jan 10, 2022 - Mar 18, 2022     03:05 PM - 04:05 PM Tue Class schedule

8012 New Town Rd , Waxhaw, NC   28173

During this 10-week series, come explore the world of Science! Each week, students will dive into a different field of science like physical, chemical, biological and earth by being introduced to a concept and applying that knowledge into an experiment or activity. From learning about acids and bases through a chemical reaction to identifying our DNA structure, students will enjoy all the wide world of sciences this track!

All programs feature our uniquely developed curricula that encourage and enable students to learn through inquisitive hands-on activities utilizing Critical Thinking Skills… and a great deal of IMAGINATION!



*Must be a student at Thales Academy to register for this after school program.



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