Engineering Design Studio Engineering Design Studio

Design spy gadgets or build and race your own cars. From creating Autobots to Escape the Room experiences, these engineering parties offer learning and FUN!

Base packages are for 9 children plus the birthday kiddo and include a special present for the your child, birthday banner, tables/chairs, table clothes, centerpieces, balloons, tableware, aprons/lab coats to wear and 3 STEAM activities. Party duration is 2 hours.

Duration: 00:0:0   Deposite Charged: $150.00   Pre Booking days: 1  

Who Dunnit! A Spy Adventure


Be ready to unfold the enemies plan and carry out the super secret mission. Use your very own unique gadgets to deliver secret messages, decipher codes and find the location of the secret objects. Using your own intelligence, create and deliver top-secret mis Read More ...


Autobots & Bits


Clasp, snap, and build away. This awesome engineering design theme is great for both girls and boys. Use your imagination and let your inner engineer come out. Let us wow you away with amazing creations made right in front of you!


Planes, Trains & Automobiles


Fly, Ride, or Drive! Race on over for endless party fun, activities and everything awesome. Create your own airplane, create your own carwash experiment! From science to art crafts the imagination is limitless. All Aboard, let the IDEA lab show you the way! Read More ...


Little Engineers


Calling all my little engineers to enter the world of creations, imagination, and build, build, build. Perfect for kids of all ages and a great way to incorporate their inner engineer. You don't want to miss out on all the fun and creativity! Come to the Read More ...


Escape the Room


Can you unlock the clues and Escape the Room? This fun party is design to engage guests in teamwork activities, decoding, and hands-on experience! Gather your friends and help each other solve the mystery! Hurry hurry, time is ticking!


    Category - Add-Ons

  • Additional Time ($75.00)
  • Goody Bag ($6.00)
  • Additional Guest ($19.99)
  • Photo Booth ($75.00)

    Category - Apparel

  • IDEA Lab Kids Child Face Mask ($6.00)
  • Lab Coat - Large ($14.99)
  • IDEA Lab Kids Tshirt - Small ($12.99)
  • IDEA Lab Kids Tshirt - X-Large ($12.99)
  • IDEA Lab Kids Tshirt - Large ($12.99)
  • IDEA Lab Kids Tshirt - Medium ($12.99)
  • Apron - Black ($11.99)
  • Apron - White ($11.99)
  • IDEA Lab Kids Adult Face Mask ($7.00)
  • Lab Coat - Medium ($14.99)
  • Lab Coat - Small ($14.99)
  • Safety Glasses ($2.69)

    Category - Food

  • Bottled Water ($0.75)
  • Customized Birthday Cake ($69.99)
  • Juice Box ($0.75)
  • Pizza - Adult ($18.95)
  • Chocolate Fountain with Fruit & Treats ($6.00)
  • Cheese Pizza ($5.00)
  • Gourmet Vegetable Tray ($19.99)
  • Fruit and Cheese Tray with Strawberries ($42.99)
  • Custom Cupcakes - 1 Dozen ($44.99)

    Category - Other Services

  • Yard Card ($90.00)
  • Themed Printed Invitations (includes mailing) ($20.00)
  • Themed Electronic Invitations ($15.00)
  • Professional Photographer ($150.00)