Scientifically Speaking Campus Party   Age 5 Yrs to 8 Yrs

Duration: 00:0:0   Deposite Charged: $150.00   Pre Booking days: 2  
Pearland Branch Main Campus

Bubbly Science


Bubble, bubble, double fun! Work with dry ice to create your own carbon dioxide bubbles and much more! This fun hand-on science option is great for all the kid scientists out there!


Slime Mania


Are you ready to get slimy and messy! Create three versions of slime and take them home with you too! This slime impact party is great for all ages, and it is always a guaranteed fantastic party experience! Who doesn't love slime!


Black Light Ball


Come experience IDEA Lab under the blacklight. Games, dancing, science, art - all are done under the special black lights to make the experience one of a kind. This is a special party for that special someone!


Chemically Explosive


Explosive fun and chemical concoctions! This science option is full of hands-on fun. Create your own volcano and much more! We'll teach you the science and watch your experiments in action!


    Category - Party Add-Ons

  • Pizza - Child ($5.00)
  • Brain Box Goody Bag ($8.00)
  • Additional Guests ($19.00)
  • Additional Time ($75.00)
  • Photo Booth ($75.00)
  • Pizza - Adult ($18.95)
  • Juice Box ($0.75)
  • Outside food fee ($45.00)
  • Water Bottle ($0.75)