Speciality Birthday Party   Age 5 Yrs to 8 Yrs

Duration: 00:0:0   Deposite Charged: $150.00   Pre Booking days: 2  
Idea Lab Main Campus (Burnet Rd)

Super Hero Training


Takeaways : Super Hero Costume and Kyrptonite Slime Description : Super Hero training institute is the first stop on the road to being the greatest Super Hero on the block. Design your costume, practice on challenge courses, work on your super powers and get re Read More ...


Ahoy Matey!


Ahoy matey! Ye and yer friends will get to create fun treasures and more. Tell your friends to leave yer weapons on the ship. Don't forget the big treasure hunt! X marks the spot. Come if ye dare!


Dinosaur Rocks!


Junior Paleontologists get ready! Long long time ago Dinosaurs ran rampant at the IDEA site and now it’s your turn to find their trace. Get ready as we prepare to go on a dinosaur hunt, make dinosaur toothpaste, and watch exploding volcanoes. Don’t forget t Read More ...


Jedi Training


Come learn the ways of the Jedi and the power of the force. Master Yoda is calling all Padawan's to the Jedi Training institute to participate in proper Jedi training. Put on Jedi robes and learn to make your very own light sabers for this one of a kind party Read More ...


Aliens Vs. Astronauts


Word has reached planet IDEA that aliens have made contact. Create a flying saucer and space snow globes to welcome the guests from outer space. Hunt for Moon rocks and launch rockets. To top it off all the party guests get to create Alien Goo.