IDEA Lab Custom Party Experience

Status: Active
Main Campus - Route 108, Register here. 8980 Old Annapolis Road Suites E/F, Columbia, MD 21045

Party Theme Options

Full Customization : $550.00

   Deposit Charged: $250.00

Party Restrictions

Age:   No Restrictions
Gender:   No Restrictions
Type of Party: Campus Party - Held @ILK Campus

Room: N/A

Instructors: N/A


Starting price for fully customized parties with a S.T.E.A.M-based theme. Choose any theme as a starting point or give us an idea of what you like. We take it from there. Customized party starts at $550 and the final price is based on activities and themes selected.

Category - Party Add-Ons Price
Additional Time (per additional half hour)    $75.00 Per Party
Apron add-on for cooking parties (per child)    $19.00 Per Child
Additional Guests (preschool - 8th grade)    $20.00 Per Child
Juice Box (Per child)    $0.75 Per Child
Water Bottle (per guest)    $0.40 Per Guest
Outside food fee (per party)    $50.00 Per Party
Cheese Pizza (Per child)    $5.00 Per Child
Chocolate Fountain (price per guest)    $6.00 Per Guest
Canvas Upgrade for Art Party (per child)    $5.00 Per Child
Costume Rental (per child, party duration)    $5.00 Per Child
Pizza - Adult (Large box)    $18.95 Per Party
Standard Photo Booth (per party)    $75.00 Per Party
GLOW play time (flat rate)    $40.00 Per Party
BRAIN BOX (Room Defender - Distance Activated Catapult)    $35.00 Per Child
BRAIN BOX (Capacitance Touch Piano)    $35.00 Per Child
BRAIN BOX (Monster Artbot)    $30.00 Per Child
Little Engineer - Rubber Band Cars (15 or more)    $7.00 Per Child
Goody Bags - IDEA BOXES (Science - Crazy Chem Crystals)    $8.00 Per Child
Goody Bags - IDEA BOXES (Gear Spinner - Engineering Option 2)    $8.00 Per Child
Goody Bags - IDEA BOXES (Gear Spinner - Engineering Option 1)    $8.00 Per Child