Specialty Specialty

Specialty themes range from Dinosaurs to Superhero and so much more. Customized decor and amazing activities create a magical experience. Pick a specialty option for your special day. Supplies are included. Add on a cake and goody bag to make the day even more special for your child and guests! Includes

Base packages are for 9 children plus the birthday kiddo and include a special present for the your child, birthday banner, tables/chairs, table clothes, centerpieces, balloons, tableware, aprons/lab coats to wear and 3 STEAM activities. Party duration is 2 hours.

Duration: 00:0:0   Deposite Charged: $150.00   Pre Booking days: 1  



Have a spellbinding time as you enter the Academy of wizardology.  Learn to make potions and witness magic as you progress through the Academy.  Make your own wands and learn how chemical reactions work in creating illusions.   Bring your Read More ...


Ahoy Matey


Ahoy matey! Ye and yer friends will decorate a treasure chest and see who gets to walk the plank. Tell your friends to leave yer weapons on the ship.
Don't forget the big treasure hunt! X marks the spot. Come if ye dare!


Super Hero Training


Superhero training institute is the first stop on the road to being the greatest Superhero on the block. Design your costume, practice on challenge
courses, work on your super powers and get ready to save the world! Great fun for all Super Heroes and H Read More ...


Under the Sea


Come join us on an adventure under the sea! Learn how to make your very own seafoam, and create a beach world with your own globe. Finish off your
aquatic day with a beach in a cup that's out of this world! Put your science, art, and cooking skills Read More ...


Aliens Vs. Astronaut


Word has reached planet IDEA that aliens have made contact. Launch rockets to welcome all astronaut friends from outer space. Create alien toothpaste
and train like an astronaut. Finish off with an awesome cyberspace recipe of Alien Goo! It’s a m Read More ...




The animals have escaped from the zoo! Our challenge is to find them all! This is a perfect party for your little animal lover!


Jedi Training Institute


Come learn the ways of a Jedi and the power of the force. Master Yoda is calling all Padawan's to the Jedi Training institute to participate in proper
Jedi training. Learn how to make your very own lightsabers and get ready to defeat the dark side Read More ...


Dinosaurs Rock


Junior Paleontologists get ready! Long long time ago Dinosaurs ran rampant at the IDEA site and now it’s your turn to find their trace. Get ready as we
prepare to go on a dinosaur hunt, make dinosaur toothpaste, and watch exploding volcanoes. Don Read More ...


    Category - Add-Ons

  • Additional Time ($75.00)
  • Goody Bag ($6.00)
  • Additional Guest ($19.99)
  • Photo Booth ($75.00)

    Category - Apparel

  • IDEA Lab Kids Child Face Mask ($6.00)
  • Wizard's Wand ($1.99)
  • Lab Coat - Large ($14.99)
  • IDEA Lab Kids Tshirt - Small ($12.99)
  • IDEA Lab Kids Tshirt - X-Large ($12.99)
  • IDEA Lab Kids Tshirt - Large ($12.99)
  • IDEA Lab Kids Tshirt - Medium ($12.99)
  • Apron - Black ($11.99)
  • Apron - White ($11.99)
  • IDEA Lab Kids Adult Face Mask ($7.00)
  • Lab Coat - Medium ($14.99)
  • Lab Coat - Small ($14.99)
  • Safety Glasses ($2.69)

    Category - Food

  • Bottled Water ($0.75)
  • Customized Birthday Cake ($69.99)
  • Juice Box ($0.75)
  • Pizza - Adult ($18.95)
  • Chocolate Fountain with Fruit & Treats ($6.00)
  • Cheese Pizza ($5.00)
  • Gourmet Vegetable Tray ($19.99)
  • Fruit and Cheese Tray with Strawberries ($42.99)
  • Custom Cupcakes - 1 Dozen ($44.99)

    Category - Other Services

  • Yard Card ($90.00)
  • Themed Printed Invitations (includes mailing) ($20.00)
  • Themed Electronic Invitations ($15.00)
  • Professional Photographer ($150.00)