Technology Campus Party

Duration: 00:0:0   Deposite Charged: $150.00   Pre Booking days: 10  
Pearland Branch Main Campus

Minecraft Mania


Enter the virtual world of Minecraft! Enjoy challenges and play creative and survival mode with your friends! Learn and participate in team work activities and take home an awesome torch! End your day making creeper slime to keep!


Drone Aviation


Ready for a truly unique Birthday Party?! Join Idea Lab for its DRONE FLYING WORKSHOP, where children will have the opportunity to fly multiple drones as they learn some of the basics of flight and aviation. Part of this unique party will be constructing differe Read More ...


Movie Production Studio


*Note: This is a 3 hour party Come and create your own movie magic. Set the stage, shoot the scenes and create a one of a kind movie masterpiece. Guests work as crew, editors, actors and more in this amazing birthday experience. End the party with a showin Read More ...


    Category - Party Add-Ons

  • Pizza - Child ($5.00)
  • Brain Box Goody Bag ($8.00)
  • Additional Guests ($19.00)
  • Additional Time ($75.00)
  • Photo Booth ($75.00)
  • Chocolate Fountain ($6.00)
  • Juice Box ($0.75)
  • Outside food fee ($45.00)
  • Water Bottle ($0.75)