Chefs in the Kitchen Birthday Party   Age 5 Yrs to 12 Yrs

Duration: 00:0:0   Deposite Charged: $150.00   Pre Booking days: 2  
Idea Lab Main Campus (Burnet Rd)

Cupcake Mania


From mixing to stirring to baking. This cupcake party experience is great for both boys and girls. All yummy treats are made from scratch! Get an apron on and get to cook'n! Finish off by decorating your yummy cupcake with a marshmallow topper and a final taste Read More ...


Cooking with Dirt- Dirt Cakes that is!


Get dirty with dirt cake! This yummy no bake recipe is a classic and never gets old. Make your own dirt cake from scratch and top it off with your very own diy marshamallow gummy worms. Yummy, yummy!


Pizza-izza Creations


We love pizza! We are sure you do to! Create your own pizza bites with your very own dough from scratch! Top it off with your favorite toppings and get ready to fill the room with a yummy aroma!